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Gawharshad University

Gawharshad University was established under the name “Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education” as a non-profit institution with the slogan “Competence and Leadership” by one of the country’s most elite figures (Dr. Sima Samar) targeting the growing need of society for quality educational services and the limited capacity of government educational institutions. The University was established solely for the purpose of providing cheap and quality higher education to the Afghan Community.

Gawharshad University has grown both quantitatively and qualitatively since its establishment. In addition to engineering and computer science faculties it has established many other departments and management strategies in order to build capacity and skills of students and alumni.

Gawharshad University started its activities in the fields of law, political science and economics in 2010 with the official permission of the Ministry of Higher Education in order to raise the level of scientific knowledge and education of the young generation of the country. The university carries out its educational and research programs under the supervision of ten prominent personalities of the country. Its curriculum is set in accordance with national and international standards and Professors holding doctoral and master's degrees from prestigious universities in Europe, America, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, etc. are recruited to provide higher education to the students of the University. Increasing women's empowerment, establishing scientific cooperation with world-renowned universities and helping needy students, providing quality education, special facilities for women, job search and entrepreneurship for students, helping the development of society are the main goals of this scientific institution.

Visit the Gawharshad University website.

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